9 September 2009One Night In London – The Denmark Street
Sessions and “Live Alive” Bootleg
LP is now out on High Roller
Recorders.  It can be purchased from High
Roller Records
. It is limited to 300 copies. 200 are on Red Vinyl
and 100 on Black.






24 October 2008 – British
Steel III
reviews and photos added.

25 April 2008 – You wait years for a Lyadrive release and then two come
all at once!Announcing “Post Millennium Blues”1. Someone Else
2. Black Waters Rising
3. Rock And Roll Hootchie Koo
4. Vililante
5. Warrior
6. Drop The Bomb
7. Cold Sweat
8. Colours
Bonus Tracks
9. Sign Of The Hunted (Live)
10. Madame Guillotine (Live)The band are now on

. You can purchase this album via the band at the gig or by
contacting them via the website or

or myspace
30 March 2008 – Lyadrive have a new release!The Sands Of Time is a limited edition 500 copy LP. It can be purchased
from High
Roller Records
(http://www.hho-records.de/high_roller/releases/lyadrive.html)LYADRIVE – The Sands Of Time HRR 025, limited to 500 copies, 4 page

Nick John – Vocals & Keyboards
Steve Jones – Guitars
Dennis O’leary – Bass
Lee Burrows – Drums

– Another Time, Another Place
– We’ve Got The Rock (You’re Gonna Roll)
– Anytime – White Dress
– Rock Tonight
– Write Me A Letter

– Steal Away The Night
– Young Lover
– Brave Young Man
– Spinning The Wheel
– Fortunes Of War

21 Jan 2008 – New UK GIG! British Steel Festival III – Camden
Underworld, London,

26th April – Doors 4:30 – £12.50 adv. The current lineup
is Witchfynde, PRAYING MANTIS, Elixir, Lyadrive, Redline
. Tickets can be
bought from Ticketweb

Lyadrive tracks can now be previewed at www.reverbnation.com/lyadrivenwobhm

Since I last wrote an update on the site things have been slowly developing and
Lee Burrows has kindly written an update.


Nov 2005 – We completed transfer of
‘worthwhile’ Lyadrive demos & live Tracks to CD’s for assessment by Olli Klemm @
High Vaultage in Germany




Original Guitarist Steve Jones came home
from Alaska for a couple of weeks, an ideal opportunity for a LYADRIVE reunion!.
So turned out to be a recording session! 




The Line up, from LYADRIVE MK1







Recorded @ FFG Studio Bredon Gloucestershire

Tuesday 7th March 2006


Warrior sent out to
various friends for private use, however our 2 DJ friends

wanted to share it
with some
friends. It has been getting healthy airplay ever since.


Lyadrive join the new age & open up a myspace site



There is a trickle of fans & interest
during the summer then we make contact with Rys Miller in the USA via the
myspace site. (Oct 06) She’d been over helping out with the 1st
BRITISH STEEL FESTIVAL & was involved heavily with ELIXIR. She had got them a
slot on a NEW YORK show called TRUE METAL AMERICA & was looking for other bands
to do the same. She loved our version of ‘One Of  These Days’. The gig didn’t
come off for us, due mainly to the expense, however it did get Us in contact
with Phil Denton (ELIXIR & BSF Organiser)





Nick’s on a writing course & has started
a project to make use of all that useless rock n roll trivia & experience he


Lee gets married this year & has sent
out invites to various parts of the globe. Steve Jones & his new girlfriend say
yes from Alaska ……. The cogs start whiring in that mind of Nick John!

APRIL 2007  – Word is sent out that to
make the most of Steve’s return, we’d better do some more recording!

JUNE 2007 – Nick, Rhino, Steve C &
myself manage 2 rehearsals of 2 old Lyadrive Songs – a 3rd song
promised us by Steve J from A hadn’t materialised. Time had now run out. The
studio was booked and ‘Suck It & See’ was the new catchphrase!

 JULY 7TH Lee & Lisa Married

JULY 9/10TH  —






















                          + A TOTALLY NEW SONG !!


EDGE OF THE WORLD (Working title)


Meanwhile, on the wonderfull world that
is myspace made a new contact called UKBill. It turns out he runs a blog called
ROCK OF AGES & contributes to various other blogs including CLASSIC ROCK

Rock Of Ages    


from ‘classic rock newswire forum’ 


He reviews “Another Time Another Place”
April 27th 2007


Introducing : Lyadrive
A change to this article in the ‘Introducing.’ series in that this time I’m
featuring a band who are not future of British rock but instead are part of its
illustrious past although may well yet rise (again!) from the ashes.
Lyadrive you see are a band born out of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and
their’s is a story of some achievement though not earthshattering, some recorded
output though not that much and more endearingly a sense of pride at having been
part of the whole chapter and survived it!
Having recorded a couple of tracks for metal compilation albums in the early 80s
the band released their only, now highly sort after, single in 1983 which
featured the tracks ‘White Dress’ and ‘Anytime’. A further three tracks were
recorded for Loose Records in ’84 but the label went under and so subsequently
did Lyadrive, splitting the following year. However 1996 saw renewed interest in
the band’s single and prompted a reformation that saw
the 14 track album “Another Time Another Place” released in 1998.
Lyadrive came to my attention through the modern medium of MySpace and through
my involvement writing for Peacedogman. It appears someone clicked the link to
Rock Of Ages at Peacedog and was interested enough to read through this site and
end up at my MySpace page where through the magic of  the Add Friend link I
discovered the band for the first time. Up at their myspace page (link below) is
the fine Y&T tinged rocker Steal Away The Night and that is the song that really
peaked my interest. A chat with the man  behind the invite, Lee (the
drummer of the band no less!) and hey presto a few days later I’ve a copy of
Lyadrive’s one and only CD release for my listening pleasure.
Let me tell you that the spirit of the nwobhm is inherent throughout this album
from the traditional metal riffery of opening track Sign Of The Hunter to the
closing strains of one time Hard Roxx magazine sampler track
Lazerwind its a classically British metal romp of the kind Maiden, Saxon and
Leppard used to make. Galloping riffs adorn the title track Another Time Another
Place as does a Van Halen inspired intro, whilst Dangerline has
similarities to Leppard’s Rocks Off. Hints of UFO on the track Spinning The
Wheel whilst re-recorded versions of the elusive/expensive single tracks White
Dress and Anytime are most welcome. I’m of a mind that most nwobhm releases
usually have one really great track and honestly, this one has two!! Okay so one
of them isn’t their own, being instead a cover of the fine Trespass track One Of
These Days but even that is eclipsed by the
afore-mentioned Steal Away The Night. A fine original piece that evolves from a
slow opening with just a single guitar into a balls out rocker and if it had
surfaced years ealier would adorn many a compilation; and there in lays the only
problem with this release – it was about 18 years too late! A bonus inclusion of
the three ‘Loose Records’ tracks is also a nice touch and Here Comes The Night
stands out as the best of these.

Sporadic activity since the albums release, however the band have recorded a few
further compilation tracks and recently recorded the Riot track ‘Warrior’ as a
25th Aniversary event – this track is also currently on their myspace page. I
have it from Lee himself that further recordings are not out of the question and
material is currently being written in Alaska of all places (he didn’t say why
Alaska though!). So having enjoyed discovering Lyadrive myself my recomendations
are as follows :-

  a.. Get over to their myspace site and listen to the 4 tracks on offer
  b.. Visit the bands home page at

and read their
interesting story in full
  c.. Contact the band as I did and express your interest and encouragement.
It’s also worth pointing out that the CD turns up on eBay now and again with 3
copies available at present and rest assured if you shell out the cash, it’s a

The trickle has become a small
tributary, progress with the new tracks has been sporadic as we all have full
time lives to lead! However …




THIS VERY WEEK 14/01/08 Nick & I have a
chance to finally mix 2 of the New songs & we have been invited to play at

That’s it, pretty
much updated! Time for a cuppa

 3 Nov 2004 – I have moved this site to a new server and put
it back on it’s old domain name.

26 Apr 2004 – If you e-mail sales@greatmusic.co.uk
as per the message of 4 March 2004 please can you ensure you mention the title
of the album and the catalogue number ie “Rockin’ All Over The World”

4 Mar 2004 – I have not been able to locate anyone selling the album
direct from a website but if you e-mail sales@greatmusic.co.uk
they will be happy to quote a price for the box set and send it. They get regular
shipments from the distributor. They told me the album would be £10 plus
£1.50 for UK postage. The album isn’t advertised on their website as it
doesn’t fit the normal profiles but they are happy to supply it as a favour
to the band.

1 Mar 2004 – There is a new compilation out called “Rockin’ All
Over The World” KBOX3338. It is marketed by Weton-Westgram B.V. Oud-Beijerland,
The Netherlands. Why do you want to know this information? Well it contains
all of “Another Time Another Place” plus four tracks recorded in 2000.
They are:

Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat” as below
Rick Derringer’s “Rock ‘N Roll Hootchie Koo”


Someone Else

These last two tracks were written by Lyadrive’s bass player Guy Wilson.

I am currently trying to locate an online store that sells it. If I get any
joy I will try and update this page.

9 Dec 2002 – Firstly we decided not to renew www.Lyadrive.com so now
we are on http://www.praying-mantis.com/lyadrive/. I am not sure if “Metal
Daze” ever appeared but Cold Sweat is now on “Classic British Heavy
Metal” (PEG CD 351/GAS 0000351 PEG)

3 Dec 2000 – News from Lee “Here is the info regarding the latest
instalment of Lyadrive’s world domination (cough) OK there is a box set called
‘Classic Rock’ released by Pegasus (PEG BX 042). It’s a triple going for £9.99
out now! It will be available in 3 seperate CD’s from Feb next year £3.99 each.
(PEG 325/335/345 respectively) Lyadrive & Tempest Ride appear on 335, but on
325 Lyadrive have a cover of the old Johnny Winter/Rick Derringer number ‘Rock
n Roll Hoochie Coo’. Hopefully also in Feb next year will see the release of
another compilation CD, this one called ‘METAL DAZE’, on which Lyadrive’s version
of Lizzy’s ‘Cold Sweat’ will appear. Lyadrive are still a going concern as &
when other commitments allow, as this is very much a pet project, a labour of
love if you will, that unfortunately doesn’t pay the bills! We have secured
some studio time during the not too distant future and, with the help of one
or 2 ‘new’ friends, hope to work towards a 2nd CD release sometime next year.”

23 May 2000 – Lyadrive have been working working on a 2 cover tracks
for a compilation. The site moved to www.lyadrive.com

16 May 1999 – Lyadrive Live photos and video and more compilation appearences added. Including a rare verion of Another Time, Another place.

2 April 1999 – Delta have released a compilation cd under the modest title of “The Best Of British Metal” (Delta CD6184) with two Lyadrive tracks on it. “Another Time,Another Place” and “White Dress”. Other tracks on the album are by Samson, Angelwitch, Girlschool, Rock Goddess, Tigertailz & Thunderstick

24 March 1999 – I added and Interview with the band that appeared in Iron Pages In Germany. Also a review from a Greek Magazine

13 March 1999 – Tickets are now available for the Lyadrive Concert. They cost 8.50ukp and can be got by faxing Nick on 01451 870702 or E-mailing Lee Burrows

8 February 1999 – LYADRIVE To Play LIVE again! In Lee’s world “Lyadrive’s buisness manager, (Sir Nicholas John Esq), says that negotiations have been completed, leading to the first official Lyadrive live appearance, since the neo-legendary final concert, at Southall Football Club almost exactly 14 years ago!

The date & venue for this concert is as follows:-

Other bands on the bill will be Blackfoot Sue &
The Groundhogs. It is assumed that Lyadrive will be the first band on, playing a
30-40 minute set, as of this moment, any other details are somewhat scetchy. More news,
film at 11!”

If you are interested in going I suggest you let me (Jon Hinchliffe) know so that I can keep you up to date on changes.

7 February 1999 – I have add the album lyrics.
3 January, 1999 – I have added some press cuttings and the following news from Lee. 
“As I mentioned, we were trying to write a new tune, which was a partial success. We are rehearsing again on the 28th & if almost finished, we, hope to record it before the end of the 1st week of Jan! Of course this is the height of optimism so don’t hold your breath! 
Some interesting news which could be put on our site. Our guitarist/engineer Kieth has his own CD now available! It’s a Blues/Rocker, in the vein of Robert Cray/Rory Gallagher & as that style goes it ain’t half bad! Mainly originals + covers of ‘Be Good To Yourself- Frankie Miller’ & ‘Crossroads aka Cream?’ It is over 60 mins long 
It’s called ‘Kieth Thompson & Strange Brew’ it is on Brambus, cat no. 199812-2. Brambus can be reached the following ways 
SNAIL— Brambus Records 
P.O. Box 44 
Phone/Fax CH+(0)55 614 10 77 
E-mail Brambus@access.ch 
Homepage http://songs.com/noma/brambus