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This document is organised into the following sections.

Another Time Another Place
Post Millennium Blues
The Sands Of Time
One Night In London
Original releases
Compilations appearances

Another Time, Another Place (Minority One records MIN 08)

Album Cover

The Band

  • Nick John - Vocals/Keyboards
  • Paul Ryan - Guitar
  • Keith Thompson - Guitar, Vocals
  • Guy Wilson - Bass, Yob Chorus
  • Lee Burrows - Drums, Yob Chorus

Additional Keyboard by Dave Pick

The 1984 tracks were by

  • Nick John - Vocals
  • Steve Jones - Guitar
  • Graham Stuart - Guitar, Vocals
  • Den O'Leary - Bass
  • Lee Burrows - Drums

The Tracks

There are 14 Tracks on the album, excerpts of which can be listen to with a Real Audio player.

  1. Sign Of The Hunted
  2. Another Time Another Place
  3. Dangerline
  4. One Of These Days (Trespass Cover)
  5. Spinning The Wheel
  6. Madame Guilotine
  7. Fools Paradise
  8. White Dress
  9. Steal Away The Night
  10. Anytime
  11. Lazerwind
  12. Bonus Tracks

  13. We've Got The Rock
  14. Young Lover
  15. Here Comes The Night

General Notes

Tracks 1-11 written between 82-84 and recorded in 97

Tracks 12-14 Original recordings from 84 for never released aborted 12 inch single on Loose Records

Post Millennium Blues

The Tracks

1. Someone Else
2. Black Waters Rising
3. Rock And Roll Hootchie Koo
4. Vililante
5. Warrior
6. Drop The Bomb
7. Cold Sweat
8. Colours
Bonus Tracks
9. Sign Of The Hunted (Live)
10. Madame Guillotine (Live)

The Sands Of Time

This is a limited edition 500 copy LP. It can be purchased from High Roller Records (

LYADRIVE - The Sands Of Time HRR 025, limited to 500 copies, 4 page insert

The Band

Nick John - Vocals & Keyboards
Steve Jones - Guitars
Dennis O'leary - Bass
Lee Burrows - Drums

The Tracks

- Another Time, Another Place
- We’ve Got The Rock (You’re Gonna Roll)
- Anytime - White Dress
- Rock Tonight
- Write Me A Letter

- Steal Away The Night
- Young Lover
- Brave Young Man
- Spinning The Wheel
- Fortunes Of War

One Night In London

This is a Limited Edition LP. 200 copies in Red Vinyl and 100 in Black.


The Band

Nick John - Vocals & Keyboards
Steve Jones - Guitars
Dennis O'Leary - Bass
Lee Burrows - Drums
Graham Stuart - Guitars/Vocals*
Barrie Flemming - Guitars on Berlin
Baze Bazeley-White - Bass on Berlin
Tim Turan - Drums on Berlin
Charlie Green - Guitars/Vocals on On A Clear Day
Martin Wierzbicka - Bass on On A Clear Day

The Tracks

- Give Me Wings (Young Lover) (Aug 84)*
- We’ve Got The Rock  (Aug 84)*
- Here Comes The Night (Aug 84)*
- Berlin (Jan 81)
- On A Clear Day (July 82)

- We've Got The Rock
- Another Time Another Place
- Lazerwind
- Young Lovers
- Steal Away The Night

Lyadrive's Original releases were :-

Another Time Another Place (Track on Compilation "The Bridge Album" August 1982 Bridge Records)
We've Got The Rock (Track on Ebony Records Compilation "Metal Warriors" June 1983)
Anytime/White Dress (Single On Bridge Records 002 Released Feb 1984. Apparently Vary Rare as Vinyl Tap were asking 50ukp for it.)

Lyadrive's Recent Compilation appearances

The Best Of British Metal (Delta CD6184)

The Tracks

  1. Another Time Another Place
  2. White Dress

General Notes

Other tracks on the album are by Samson, Angelwitch, Girlschool, Rock Goddess, Tigertailz & Thunderstick

Noise Level Critical - Classic British Heavy Metal (Hallmark 307822)

The Tracks

  1. Sign Of The Hunted
  2. Steal Away The Night

General Notes

Other tracks on the album are by Samson, Tigertailz, Warrior and Rock Goddess

Legends of Progressive Rock (Hallmark 309432)

The Tracks

  1. Another Time Another Place (Tempest Ride version)
  2. Lazerwind

General Notes

The disc is collectable as Another Time Another Place is actually by Tempest Ride where were Lyadrive before they became Lyadrive. Other tracks on the album are by Wishbone Ash, Caravan, Juicy Lucy, Groundhogs, Michael Dunford's Renaissance and Peter Banks.

Hard Roxx Sampler 4 From Hard Roxx Magazine Issue 36

The Tracks

  1. Another Time Another Place
  2. Lazerwind

General Notes

Hard Roxx Magazine can be order my E-mailing Hard Roxx's Owners. As of issue 36 the Magazine cost 4 UK Pounds in the UK (4.50 Europe, 5 pounds the Rest of the World) and comes with a sampler CD of new music.

Classic British Heavy Metal (PEG CD 351)

The Tracks

  1. Cold Sweat
  2. Lazerwind

General Notes

Other tracks on the album are by Samson, Angel Witch, Mammoth, Girlschool, Tigertailz, McCoy, and Rock Goddess


Rockin' All Over The World (KBOX3338)

The Tracks

CD 1

1 Cold Sweat - Lyadrive
2 What Am I Gonna Do About You - Lea Hart
3 Fools Paradise - Lyadrive
4 Victim Of Love - Jackie Bodimead
5 Dangerline - Lyadrive
6 Show Some Emotion - Steve Overland
7 Young Lover - Lyadrive
8 What Do You Want - Paul Dianno
9 One Of These Days (Trespass Cover) - Lyadrive
10 Long Gone - Dougie White
11 Lazerwind - Lyadrive
12 Fool For Your Loving - Steve Grimmett

CD 2

1 All Shook Up - Paul Dianno
2 Someone Else - Lyadrive
3 I Just Wanna Be Free - Jackie Bodimead
4 Anytime - Lyadrive
5 Can't Carry On - Lea Hart
6 Madame Guilotine - Lyadrive
7 White Dress - Lyadrive
8 I've Had Enough - Paul Dianno
9 We've Got The Rock - Lyadrive
10 Low Or I'm High - Lea Hart
11 Colours - Lyadrive
12 It Ain't Over Til' It's Over - Paul Dianno

CD 3

1 Play That Funky Music - Bill Hurley
2 Rock'n'Roll Hootchie Koo - Lyadrive
3 Another Time Another Place - Lyadrive

4 You're Tearing Me Apart - Lea Hart
5 Here Comes The Night - Lyadrive
6 Sign Of The Hunted - Lyadrive
7 Rock The Boat - Paul Dianno
8 Spinning The Wheel- Lyadrive
9 One Good Reason - Lea Hart
10 Far Away - Lea Hart
11 Steal Away The Night - Lyadrive
12 Gimme All Your Lovin' - Steve Overland

General Notes

This is an important release as it is the only place the all the 2000 recordings have been released.

They are:

Thin Lizzy's "Cold Sweat" as below
Rick Derringer's "Rock 'N Roll Hootchie Koo"


Someone Else

These last two tracks were written by Lyadrive's bass player Guy Wilson.


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